We grow through daily time with God in His Word and in prayer.

We grow together through gospel-centered relationships in small groups.

Does your next step involve your need to GROW in your faith? 


Check out these resources that will be a great help to your personal growth.

Does your next step involve growing together in a gospel-centered small group?  Check our our current list of GROWgroups and get plugged in today!   


At Ooltewah Baptist Church we believe some of the greatest growth in our life happens when we begin to walk through life and faith with other people.   Below is a list of GROWgroups.  We encourage you to visit more than one and see what is a good fit for you.  Off Campus GROWgroups are also available and listed for those serving or working on Sunday mornings.

ON CAMPUS  9:15am Sunday Mornings

Kids Ministry

K-2nd    (Children's Building)   Bible Studies For Life (Kids)   Janet Leamon, Regina Bacon

3rd-5th   (Children's Building)   Bible Studies For Life (Kids)   Fred Flores, Judy Murphy

Student Ministry

Middle School   (214)   YM360: Activate   Michael Bradley, Lori Sanchez

High School   (216)   YM360: Activate   Michael Bradley, Jana Crews


"Young Adults"   (210) The Reason For God   Chuck Margraves

"Singles/Couples"    (209)   Exalting Jesus in Hebrews   Philip Rogers

"Singles/Couples"    (204)   Bible Studies For Life: Simplicity   Doug Cawood

"Ladies" All Ages  (207)   Legacy  Carla Cawood, Mary Margaret Colloms

"The Bible Class" 18 and older   (Gym 100)  The Gospel of John  Bryan Boyer

"Couples w/Adult Children"    (104)   Foundations of Faith   Eddie Ingle

"Agape" 60+ Singles/Couples   (Chapel)   Ephesians   Bob Vogt

Senior Adults

"Fidelis" Ladies   (110)   Explore The Bible   Bettye Knisley

"Brotherhood" Men   (107/Conference Room)  Explore The Bible   David Knisley

"Maggie Watts" Ladies   (109)   Rotating Study   Carol Henson

Sunday Evening @6:00pm

Pastor's Study   (Chapel)   Revelation   Pastor Jeremy Colloms


Sunday Evening

Bradley Family  (Standifer Gap area / Chattanooga)   5:30-7:30pm   Food, Sermon Discussion, Prayer

Margraves Family (Ooltewah Georgetown Rd. area / Ooltewah)  5:30-7:30pm  Food, Sermon Discussion, Prayer

Tuesday Evening

Whittle Family   (Hamill Rd. area /  Hixson)   6:30-8:30pm   Food, Read The Bible For Life, Prayer