The prayer is that the culture of Ooltewah Baptist Chruch be one where the gospel is central, God's Word is held high, prayer is prioritized and every member finds themselves actively in pursuit of being more like Christ and on mission with God.

The vision of MEMBERSHIP at Ooltewah Baptist Church is that:

  • Every member will eventually be a part of a d-group, first as a participant, and then as a leader.
  • Every member will prayerfully serve within their unique Spirit-given giftedness.
  • Every member would be equipped and mobilized to lead people to a saving knowledge of faith in Jesus and then carefully help plug that friend into the pipeline of growth: Worship (Where the Word is preached) Small Group (Where the Bible is taught and they are spurred on to grow and help accountable) D-Group (Where they are equipped to make disciples) and Mission/Ministry (Where they are encouraged to employ their gifts and be on mission).
  • We will grow, in Christ (spiritually), in health (unity, meaningful membership, biblical leadership, faithful stewardship, love and safety as it relates to the ability to be transparent and authentic) and numerically.
  • Every member will participate in a mission trip, activity or project at least once a year, if not on a regular basis.
  • As a church, we will seek to duplicate ourselves by planting a church where, when, and how God leads.

If you are sensing that the Lord is leading you to become a member of Ooltewah Baptist, please consider some of the following things as you continue to pray for His leading (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Although a church 'building' is bound to be filled with many who know how to act the part, the Church is made up of those who believe in the name of the Son of God.  The Church is nothing apart from being made up of people who have placed their faith in the redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Offered on a quarterly basis, Ooltewah Baptist Church has a four-week class for new and prospective members.  In this class, the philosophy of ministry of the church is shared as well as an overview of the mission, vision, doctrinal positions of the church, and expectations of church members are reviewed.  This class is a per-requisite to church membership.

The Pastor and members of our staff or leadership team welcome additionally the opportunity to schedule a personal visit to introduce themselves more completely, begin to get to know you and to answer and specific questions you may have about the life and culture of Ooltewah Baptist Church.