Missions. What does that word mean to you?   Many thoughts might come to mind - fixing a roof, delivering medical supplies, disaster relief, giving to support a Missionary on the field, etc…

Certainly, all of those and more can fall under a Missions umbrella, but taking a look deeper – what makes a thing be considered Missional and why do we do Missions?  At its root, the Great Commission, and the charge to take the Gospel to all people of all nations is the why, and the platform engaged to perform that delivery is often the act associated as “doing Missions.”

Being on Mission is really nothing more than living the Great Commission.  Finding or building a platform with a deliberate intent of sharing or supporting others to share the grace we have been given through receipt of the Gospel.  With that mind set, all Christians should be on Mission on a daily basis – our Mission field is anywhere from our neighborhood, to the break room at work, to the vacation trip we’ve taken, to being with a group of other Christians on a deliberate Mission trip.

In support of this Daily Mission focus, our OBC Missions Team is tasked with identifying training, support, and sharing opportunities locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for our membership to engage (or even build) a platform for the Gospel.   If you have an opportunity you see as a place to engage and would like to share that opportunity with others, please contact the church office or one of the Missions Team members.

Thank you for your interest in living on Mission and supporting our Church’s Mission Efforts.