God has gifted each believer uniquely and each gift and person is important for the body of Christ as a whole.

Take a look below at FOUR KEY TEAMS and see if there are ministry areas that the Spirit has equipped

you to serve within.  Follow up with the team's "Coach" to get more information about how you might serve.  Further down this page you'll notice some immediate needs.  These will change often so please feel free to visit this page regularly.

Thank you for be a faithful part of the body.  Let's enjoy all that God wants to do through us!


CLICK HERE TO EMAIL Philip Rogers, Coach

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Music Team (Tasked with creating an atmosphere for worship that will focus on the greatness of an Almighty God.  By combining God's Word with music, this team seeks to motivate the body of Christ to proclaim the Gospel, to cherish God's presence, and live for God's glory.
  • Audio/Visual Team (Enhances worship services through audio and visual aids, Records Services, etc.)
  • First Impressions Team (Welcomes and directs guests and members)
  • Baptism Team (Assists baptism candidates and their families)
  • Prayer Team (Oversees the prayer room and emphasizes the importance of prayer throughout the church body/calendar)
  • Creative Worship Team (Enhances worship services through drama, special music, graphics, etc.)
  • Video Production Team (Films and edits announcement videos and other special videos throughout the life of the church)


CLICK HERE TO EMAIL Chuck  margraves, coach

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Sunday School Team (Oversees and encourages Sunday School teachers, training, and attendance)
  • LIFEgroups Team (Oversees and encourages LIFEgroups)
  • D-Groups (Intentional weekly discipleship program)
  • Library Team (Manages and promotes current and future library materials)
  • Connections Team (Assists with the New Member class and ongoing connection process for new members)
  • Discipleship Team


CLICK here to email stacy landess, coach

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Missions Team (Coordinates mission trips and projects, Prayerfully discerns the wisest investment of local mission dollars, Promotes a mission culture through fairs, videos, announcements and any other means that will encourage church participation)
  • Sports Outreach Team (Leverages our campus and community sports venues as outreach and missional tools through the creation of outreach opportunities such as Upward, Score, Leagues, etc.)
  • Good News Club Team (Weekly ministers in public schools through Bible-based songs, teaching, and games)
  • Men's Ministry Team (Organizes opportunities for men to gather both socially and intentionally as they reach additional men in the process)
  • Women's Ministry Team (Organizes opportunities for women to gather both socially and intentionally as they reach additional women in the process)



Ministry Opportunities:

  • Benevolence Team (With sensitivity and love, proactively seek ways to be of assistance to members and others who are having financial and other difficulties)
  • Counting Team (Ensures accurate counts, handling, and reporting of all church monies)
  • Insurance Team (Manage the risks of the church through the strategic use of insurance and policies and procedures associated with the health, safety, and security of the staff, members and guests)
  • Personnel Team (Supporting the staff of the church through people, processes and systems to ensure that they are strongly encouraged and lifted up through prayer, ongoing agreement of expectations, goals and objectives, training, etc.)
  • Stewardship Team (Lead the church in the area of financial planning, accounting and reporting.  Assist the staff in financial goal accomplishment and keep the church body informed about all financial matters of the church)
  • Building and Grounds Team (Provide safe, secure, clean, efficient and effective facilities and grounds)
  • Homebound Team (Weekly provide meals and encouragement to our shut-ins)
  • Bereavement Team (Coordinate help in times of loss, display sensitivity to the needs of the family while providing opportunities for the body to display love)
  • Hospitality Team (Support the staff and various ministries of the church through hospitality services, by maintaining the church kitchen and supplies and by helping from time to time in serving the church body through hospitality)
  • Recreation Team (Fosters fun and fellowship environment through the planning of recreational activities for all age groups.  Support the staff as needed to assist them in this area)
  • Security & Emergency Response Team (Provides input and ongoing assistance with the safety and medical needs of the body)


Please Contact the designated party should you be able to assist in any of these areas: